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This is a new page, with the aim to allow our members to express themselves.

"The Pain"
Lord God, help me
I am in pain
I am hurt
I am lost
I should be whole but I am not
I was so happy, now I am not
I think of death to end this pain
I cover the pain so none can see
I must make myself whole or the end it will be

The inner woman must prevail
The outer man must go
The shock of that day has all but destroyed me
The fight for my life goes unseen
The fight is hard and wears me down
The fight will be long and full of danger
The fight will be won when I am the woman I was meant to be

How could I know this could happen on that day?
I should have been one but it was not to be
In a moment when those words were spoken
My world collapsed and I was broken
Darkness fell upon me so I escaped the harshness of life
The reality returned and the pain
O God why did it happen!

Be Merciful O Lord and hear my pray
You made me both man and woman
Now make me woman
Then I can be at peace with myself
And live till death takes me in years to come

By K

Here I am, in a Church
So tell me why Iím here
If You exist, then You must have heard
Each day of every year
How hard I prayed, how hard I wished
For ísomeoneí just to see
This is a shell I am standing in
Only inside is the íMEí.

I always hoped when I grew up
Iíd be just like my mum
Then puberty hit me hard and
There was no place to run.
So here I am, Iím in Your Church
Tell me who You see
Can You see inside the shell
If You looked, could You see me?


In the old days Ladies wore stockings
And some men found this quite shocking
These days they tend to wear tights
To give their men quite a fright
They also sometimes wear a slip
But men donít find that very hip
Some ladies tend to wear a dress
If they want to impress
Some of them will wear a skirt
When they want to act like a flirt
They can also put on a sweater
If they canít find nothing better
When they do put on their bra
They really do think that they are going far
When you see them in a Basque
Look away in aghast.


Who am I?
Strange to ask of one so young
To say my life has just begun
Is a lie
Who am I?
I am myself!
I am myself and in my teens
One of natures in-betweens
So who am I?


Lord you set me on the path that I must take
This path has been long and cruel
But the gift of peace and love you gave me, I learnt to use
And to those in need I freely gave of those gifts,
But ask for nothing in return.
I have forgiven those that say I will go to hell
But they donít know the hell I live each day
Now Lord you know I speak the truth
I canít go on as I am
Body and mind not as one
I must heal the rift that is my doom
Be with me O my Lord.
And be my guide in that path ahead
Along the way I must hurt those I love the most
Be there Lord to heal their wounds.
When the end is reached and I am one,
Lord give me strength and give me courage
To help those who follow my lonely path.

By K

Am I a He or a She?
I know I am a She
But I am part He
I don't like the He
But He is part of me
I must be a She
But I will never be a complete She
So make me a She as near as can be
But I know part of me will always have a little He

By K

I am between two worlds but belong to none
I am to be feared by women and feared by men
I do no hurt but I am hurt
I do no evil but evil is spoken of me
I can no longer cry as there are no tears left
I love all but loved by few
I see not as only darkness is ahead
I hear not as no kind words are spoken to me
I feel not for that only brings pain
I keep to myself for I am safe there
I know not who I am so I am lost
I am not in harmony for my body and mind is not as one
I have a cross to bear but am I strong enough to bear it
I cannot go back, as I would die
I cannot go forward as the loss would be greater than I can bear
I am in limbo carried by the currents of life
I have carried the burdens of life so far, I am tired, but can I carry them much further?

By K

Darkness, Darkness all around
Where is the light that shone so bright?
The dark clouds of despair have hidden you
Where has hope gone that once pieced the gloom?

I did not ask for this to be
Mind of one, body of another
But God gave me this to bear
Why God, why me!

I must be one that is my hope
For this to be
I must suffer loss and suffer pain
And suffer the pity of all around

Those in harmony cannot know
The pain and despair I am in
I canít be as I am
So change I must, to be one

God give me strength, and give me courage
For I am weak and failing fast
Time for me to act
Or I will be no more.
By K

I had a dream when I was a child
That dream was to a woman
But I was a boy, so it was a dream
My mind could not forget that dream
Nor could my body
But it was just a dream
I grew into a man but that dream was there
I met a woman and children came into this world
But the dream was still there
I lost a child and sadness was in my heart
Then my wife said, you are not a man, and my family left
But the dream was there and I was frightened
A great darkness descended on me and I wanted to be no more
But I fought the darkness and it went away
And the dream looked on and said I am you
I am a man you are a dream I will prove it
And I married again to prove I was a man
But the dream looked sadly on and knew it was not so
The woman said you are not a man and left
Then my brothers said you are needed by our parents
The dream said you are a woman care for them
So as the dream said I cared for them
The years passed and finally the burden was lifted
The dream returned and said I am who you should have been
I did not understand so I struggled and was in great turmoil
Then my mind cleared and rejoiced, my body trembled for it was right
Now I understand there was no dream it was my soul
I know now I have always been a woman and my soul is at peace

By K

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